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1726 keer bezocht sinds 12 Oktober 2011, 04:48
Naam Somespeed Somespeed
Geboortedatum 25-6-1982
Leeftijd 36
Woonplaats somespeed, Belgi
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' an associate '

Geplaatst 23 November 2011, 10:36
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Plum, pull at the his daughter, let him give up the gram is to the Suo orchid hall Ba Tuo, and the loyalty of the west tile, stand benefits in mankind one square, with atCheap Ugg Boots   the time that she walk, plum still choice loyalty, and released a baby daughter to pull.

But plum of this kind of loyalty, get equal of repay.Plum release wife beautiful Si, and daughter be this kind of person's sexual behavior for pull, didn't get west tile, is go to purgatory living creature of approve.In the idea of the west tile and the purgatory living creature, loyalty kimono from, is a preparation, abandon of the only end, be demolish.But plum put a person, also etc. together betrayal.

But at this time, it happened that plum of guide, purgatory big Du soldier-Suo orchid gram hall Ba Tuo, also because of end decisive battle of severely wounded, die.Plum thoroughly of lost an asylum.If is not, at this time plum of personal real strenght, have already come to a the situation of overlord, plum, and those follow behind plum of subordinate, early is demolished.

Although it is said.Continuous be subjected to a wife betrayal, daughter betrayal, now again plus an associate distrust of plum, early some don't want to live.Can those follow plum ground subordinate.But is plum can not let go of fetters.At this time at the moment of plum, is no longer one personal on the hoof problem.He still carry tens of thousands life and death.Those loyals follow his under charge, have no his asylum, at that purgatory star, is unique under the impossible existence go.

Hence, under this kind of responsibility, plum spare no effort a strenuous effort, created this to float empty big six, in order to give oneself of the under charge live by find shelter a place.

Later on.It be an endless interstellar trip and wander about.

But wander about here medium, plum of real strenght, along with his general knowledge.Growth of more quick, but plum creation of this float empty big six, also owned independently intelligence after gobbling up several star.The growth is for the sake of the baby.

Just, plum cultivation of achievement method.Not the part is take orders purgatory living creature of achievement method.And plum ground the essence be to agree with very much, and.Plum the sorrow of mind and pain and sufferings, is also let plum of the body can't attain infinite evolution, finally, plum at 15,000 years old of time, usage Ugg Sale  ego print, ask for help of to work properly ability motive stove to live a body and soul of protection, sink into ego wallow in in the middle.Perhaps, the soundly asleep is also him ground 1 kind set free.

Li3 Bin is in one side.Listen to admire very much, also sympathize with very much.Also don't know in the meantime how evaluation's this persistence requite favors, persistence loyalty righteousness, as a result gave up wife and daughter, end still decline good plum.However, plum this kind of person the matter for make, perhaps and basically not demand others ground evaluation, he be just persistence oneself of the conviction be walk oneself of road just.Perhaps, this is under the circumstance that he don't have the strong dint the external world help, ability evolution arrive such the reason place of situation.

Now, Li3 Bin have already worked properly an ability a motive stove to those, thered is no viewpoint.Those work properly an ability a motive stove inside of the living creature is have no six round return of asylum, death with forever of foolish all distinguished in work properly the ability the motive stove.And, so the land utilization use origin life energy, teacher guide line without look for for same, also don't know the plum of result and meaning to say, is more no serious mistakes committed.

Particularly BE, the ability get into living creature of work properly the ability motive stove, almost is voluntarily.This is 1 kind to praise to them, a kind of keep forever them source of vitality of praise.When plum now there a day of real strenght, they, all have to be awaken of the first.But those plum of hostile, didn'tyet this luck.Take orders the plum that the purgatory big Du soldier teach, the enemy's end, only have to demolish.

Can only cherish, plum haven't been created real strenght of living the creation, have already have to sink into the predicament of ego soundly asleep.

Li3 Bin mostly estimated once, plum soundly asleep of time, minimal should be also the real strenght which control.Li3 Bin has to have no fortuitous for this, just lean against own real strenght, for the evolution arrive such the guy of degree, again of report with admire.

However, know along with Li3 Bin of more many, Li3 Bin's Zhi bead, also deduced two question in Li3 Bin's heart.

Li3 Bin contemplated once and still keep working properly to come straight to the point ground to ask a way toward baby's machine:"Baby.Your host's wife beautiful Si, and daughter pull, can with the lord beautiful Si of seven absolute being continental and cold ices, and the absolute being of sensual desire pull to have what relation?"

Baby's machine's work properly is very earnest of consideration blinked Ba to blink Ba Da4's eyes to say all of a sudden:"Don't know.The baby know of, is all host get drunk time, oneself say of, the baby have never seen the beautiful Si and pull this two betrayer.The absolute being of the seven absolute being and sensual desire, the baby have never heard as well.Baby if know beautiful Si and to pull this two bad woman over there, baby certain Uggs Clearance  will teach theirs.They fully let host pain and sufferings 10,000 year.Host in addition to at research and manufacturing of time, ability forget these pain and sufferings outside, leave of the time all is just missing

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